Drone Zone: An urban laboratory in the heart of the Arizona desert

In the 50s, Architect Paulo Soleri established Arcosanti after settling in Arizona. Now, some 50 years later, about 80 people live there full time, and the futuristic creation is now seen as an urban laboratory of sorts. SkyFOX Drone explores Arcosanti, and hears from people living there on why it still has that mystical draw for so many people.

Drone Zone: Roosevelt Lake, the largest lake on the Salt River

The recent Woodbury Fire burned thousands of acres east of Phoenix last month. Some of it was very close to one off the state's most popular recreation areas: Roosevelt Lake. It's the largest lake on the Salt River system. Fox 10 SkyDrone Pilot Joe Tillman gives us a special view from above.

Drone Zone: Canyon Lake by boat

On today's Drone Zone, we're giving you a tour of Canyon Lake - by boat. And not just any boat - we're talking about the Dolly Steamboat. You can eat, drink, and relax in air-conditioned comfort while the boat tours one of the most scenic areas of the state.

Drone Zone: Keeping cool at Tempe Marketplace

There's a place in the East Valley where people can do some shopping, dinner, maybe even a movie, and still keep cool in an outdoor setting. SkyFOX Drone has a look, in this week's edition of Drone Zone.

Drone Zone: Remembering the Granite Mountain Hotshots

19 firefighters with the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives nearly six years ago, when they were killed by a rapidly moving wildfire. Since then, the State of Arizona has erected a memorial to honor them. SkyFOX Drone takes a look, in this week's edition of Drone Zone.