Valley woman devastated after her truck was set on fire

A Valley woman wakes up to her truck in flames, and it's all caught on camera.

Those who Tonette Zugg know how much she loves her Toyota Tundra. That truck was on her driveway when it went up in flames, and now, the truck is damaged beyond repair.

The suspect, meanwhile, is on the loose.

Zugg wants to know who decided to torch the truck in the middle of the night.

Tonette Zugg

"I see a person turning from the truck and running the opposite direction, and you could tell that's where the fire started, so obviously, he threw something in the back of the truck," said Zugg.

Zugg said the car alarm woke her up just after midnight on Saturday. She then ran out to see her 2018 model year truck burning.

"All I'm thinking is it's gonna blow, and freaking out trying to process everything," said Zugg.

A neighbor helped put the flames out with a fire extinguisher, just in time.

"We were 60 seconds from this truck exploding," said Zugg.

For Zugg, the aftermath is heartbreaking.

Tonette Zugg's truck's interior, following the fire

Custom upholstery was charred to a crisp.

Tonette Zugg's truck's tail light, following the fire

The plastic in the tail light area melted...

A car seat belonging to Tonette Zugg that was inside the truck when it was on fire.

...and her grandson's car seat is unrecognizable.

"I truly believe that this was a targeted event," said Zugg.

Zugg claims a surveillance image provided by her neighbor may be a lead in the investigation. It shows that car that Zugg said is seen making a u-turn, parking near her home minutes before the fire.

There's no clear description of the suspect. Meanwhile, Zugg hopes her insurance can salvage the truck she worked so hard for.

"I work hard," said Zugg. "I'm a single mom. I work really hard for the things that I have. This is just heartbreaking."

Zugg said there have been no other arson reports in this neighborhood. Anyone with information should call the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.